Independence Arch, Accra, Ghana
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“The World's First “Global Culture Agency.“

Tech | Social Media | Design | Consulting | ​3D Development | Product Design

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Social Media Reels

Ranging from graphic design to trendy instagram reels, we create ​content that is best for your brands message!

Check out some of our work and see for yourself!

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How We Work

RGA is a collective of the Diaspora community ​in Ghana Accra, and South Los Angeles.

We manage your online world so you can focus ​on yours real time. With easy communication ​channels we are ready for whatever you want ​to see accomplished for your online ​community.

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Strategy | Creative | Social | Web3 | Production | Analytics

Why we do it

Social media has become the driving force for brand visibility. Your company can be ​moving mountains for the greater good and no one will ever know about it unless you tell ​them. We take your story, give it a clear narrtive and put it to sail on the waves and ​trends o​f social media. This means growth in people that believe in you.

How we get it done

We have spent 1000 hours sharping the skills needed to be successful at social media. ​Whats the point of having 1 Million followers if only 1000 people see and engage with your ​content. We know how to bridge the connection between content and capturing the soul ​of the message.

Your job is done

Crafting social media content at RGA entails a steadfast commitment to maintaining the ​essence of your brand's message and tone. Every piece of content we produce is a ​reflection of your brands p​otential.

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We Bring Out Your ​Best With:



Brands We’ve Worked With:

We take pride in partnering with iconic brands and emerging startups alike, helping them survive ​and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our collaborations with these esteemed names ​reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation.




+1 323 557 4315 (U.S.A)

+233 53 611 3351 (Ghana) ​

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